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5 Weird and Shocking Facts About Kanye’s Latest Rebound: Julia Fox

Julia Fox, rapper Kanye West’s latest conquest, has been thrust into the spotlight (she’s eating it up, too) and has found her way into all our  timelines. We would have to be blind to not see that Fox is destined to be just another notch on the troubled entertainer’s belt, but she’s going to enjoy her 15 minutes of fame while she can. Who knows? She may parlay this into some type of superstardom.

Kanye, who is in the process of divorcing superstar influencer, Kim Kardashian, has been gallavanting all around town and beyond with his new girl-toy.  Hell, he even called up Interview magazine to take photos of them and titled the photoshoot, “Date Night”.  The next thing we knew the pics were plastered all over social media for our viewing pleasure—or displeasure—depending on which side of this trainwreck we’re clocking.

One of the bigger questions regarding Kanye’s new love interest has been: Who is this Julia Fox? Most of us had never heard of this woman before she started stepping out with one of the most popular guys in the game. Now, we know that she has done a little acting here and there. Apparently, she had a nice-sized role in the movie Uncut Gems, which starred Adam Sandler back in 2019.

So, after conducting my own little research, I found a few weird and shocking facts about social media’s new “It” girl:

  • Motherhood: Julia Fox is a single mother to a young son and she can’t stand her baby’s daddy. She calls him a deadbeat and verbally bashes him every chance she gets.
The actress Julia Fox smokes while carrying her friend Gianna’s chihuahua-themed purse in New York, Nov. 17, 2019. Fox’s progression from downtown Manhattan persona to actress in the new Adam Sandler movie “Uncut Gems” might sound like an impressive run of luck, but Fox, 29, says she manifested the entire thing. (Daniel Arnold/The New York Times)
  • Excessive Abuse on Display: In 2015 and 2016, Fox released 2 books, which depicted sexually explicit photos of herself, as well as photos of her real-life physical abuse, such as scars, busted lips, black eyes, and more. In one of the books she also included screenshots of emotionally abusive text and email conversations between her and her companions that treated her like trash.
  • Sexual Obession: While still in high school, Fox was dominatrix. Her Tumblr handle was ReverseCowgirl69.
  • Prostitution Ring Film: Fox, along with a close friend, made a film titled Fantasy Girls, which was based on the true story of how her and the friend uncovered a prostitution ring while they were on a road trip to Reno, Nevada.
  • Blood Lust: In 2019 Fox held an art show, titled R.I.P. Julia Fox. Every photo displayed in the art show was painted in her own blood. It was stated that Fox would extract her blood with a syringe and use it to create her masterpieces.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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