Coko of SWV Reveals She Had A Mental Breakdown Before Verzuz Battle with Xscape

There’s no doubt that Coko was getting quite a few side eyes during the SWV vs Xscape Verzuz battle last night (05/08). It got to the point where a producer (off-camera) came out and said that SWV needed to give a little more energy. At that point, I was like, ‘okay, this is serious.’

Coko, the powerhouse lead singer of SWV, appeared  irritated and like she didn’t want to be there. While Xscape was getting up, sanging, and giving the audience of about 400,000 viewers what they came for, SWV (Coko, Taj, and Lelee) remained seated as DJ Spinderella fired up the tracks.

After the mild scolding from the producer guy, Taj began to speak up more and discuss the origin of certain tracks, while Coko sat there looking like she had been sucking on a lemon.

Coko definitely appeared uncomfortable for the majority of the first half of the Verzuz battle. She kept fidgeting with her platinum blonde braids and her earpiece, while most people in the chat, was like, ‘Coko, you betta sang, girl!’

Finally, after taking a much needed break, the ladies returned to the stage and I noticed that Coko had a full wardrobe change. Instead of the high heels and tightly-fitted glam fit, she came out, this time, rocking an SWV hoodie and sneakers.

It seemed like this modification allowed the songstress to move around more freely and belt out those tunes like we knew she could.

But, according to Coko, there was more to the story of why she wasn’t “all there” during the start of the show.

Apparently, prior to hitting the stage, Coko had witnessed a shooting right outside of her hotel room and had a major anxiety attack once she arrived at the show venue. She took to Instagram to give the full description of what happened.


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It sounded like our girl, Coko had been through a major ordeal right before it was time for lights, camera, action. But, thanks to her family, who were able to help her through the situation, she showed up and showed out for the second half of the show, as she led the group’s iconic hits such as Weak, Right Here, and more.

Check out SWV’s performance of Rain (1:20 mark):

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Written by LaToya Anitri


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