DaBaby Sued By Danileigh’s Brother After Bowling Alley Assault

Rapper DaBaby is now facing a lawsuit filed by Brandon Bills, the victim of the bowling alley brawl that took place last week.

DaBaby and entourage in a brawl with Brandon Bills at Corbin Bowl

Several days ago at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, Calif., DaBaby and his entourage encountered Bills, the brother of DaBaby’s ex-girlfriend/baby mama, Danileigh, and suddenly a fight broke out. Bills was dragged down the bowling lanes and beaten to a pulp. DaBaby and crew punched, kicked, and stomped Bills until the Los Angeles Police department arrived on scene.

Danileigh and brother, Brandon

There had already been bad blood between Bills and DaBaby that stemmed from DaBaby’s very public Instagram Live breakup with Bills’ sister, Danileigh, that played out in front of 150,000 people who were streaming at the time. During the live, DaBaby made Danileigh leave his home with their newborn daughter. Bills expressed that he was very unhappy with how his sister and his niece were disrespected.

According to TMZ, in the lawsuit, Bills claimed that as soon as he walked past DaBaby, he was attacked, which left him in pain and severely injured.

Brandon Bills

DaBaby claimed that he attacked Bills in self-defense. He is currently being investigated by Los Angeles, and possibly facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, due to the camera footage that shows him and his crew kicking Bills in the head while he was down on the floor.

DaBaby has since been banned from Corbin Bowl.

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Written by LaToya Anitri


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