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Howard Stern Blasts Oprah for Partying During Covid Surge

Radio show host Howard Stern took to his SiriusXM radio show earlier this week to ridicule media mogul Oprah Winfrey for throwing dinner parties during the current Covid surge, resulting from the Omicron variant.

Stern expressed his feelings about how Oprah has had multiple people over to her house for lavish dinners during the days leading up to Christmas and the New Year’s holidays.

The shock jock felt that Oprah was being irresponsible to publicize these dinners on social media and boast about how she flies out a different chef for each party.

“I’m really amazed by Oprah, I really am,” Stern stated. “On her Instagram she likes to take you into her house where every night of Christmas is a big party like a celebration, and she flies in a different chef.”

He continued to rant about what really made him angry, “It’s getting very confusing to me. I see what’s going on with COVID. Everyone’s got it. Everyone’s sick. People have a 104 fever. I don’t want to have a 104 fever, I don’t want to get sick, so I’m hiding. But everyone else is out running around. I see Oprah is having dinner parties.”

But, no, Stern didn’t stop there; he also went on to further insult Oprah, by criticizing her choice of menu and calling her “huge”.

“There’re cheddar cheese biscuits that are used as sandwich bread instead of bread,” Stern said. “Cheddar cheese biscuits with like a piece of chicken in the middle. I’m like, ‘What happened to the weight watchers thing?’ Is that just over with? I mean Oprah is huge.”

Stern can really be disgusting sometimes. He says things just to get a rise out of people. I guess that’s what his title “shock jock” gives.

Anyway, over the last few months, Oprah has publicly expressed that she follows the Covid-19 protocols religiously. She stated that she has gone to great lengths to make sure that everyone who enters her home to attend these dinners must be vaccinated, boosted, and quarantined.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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