Julia Fox, Kanye West’s New Girlfriend, Addresses Fling With Drake

Julia Fox, Kanye West’s new girlfriend, recently addressed the recent internet chatter about her fling with Kanye’s former nemesis, Drake.

Apparently, Fox met Drake back in 2020 when the rapper DM’d her to gush about her role in the movie, Uncut Gems.

Meet Julia Fox, the Breakout Sensation of 'Uncut Gems'

That DM led to a brief fling, in which Drake wined, dined, and laced her with expensive gifts. She even stayed at his Toronto mansion with him, right before the start of the pandemic.

Fox addressed her and Drake’s relationship on her podcast, “Forbidden Fruits”.

“He’s a great guy and a gentleman and that was it, Fox proclaimed. “Nothing really happened. We were just, like, friends hanging out…Yeah, I wouldn’t say that we were dating”, Fox continued.

She also revealed that she divulged all the details to Kanye, her current boyfriend of less than two months, before they took their relationship to the next level, due to the rappers having previous beef.

“I feel like they squashed their issues, Fox stated. She added, “obviously when I first started speaking to Ye, like on the phone, I told him, like, immediately, like I think on the first day before it went any further because I’m just an honest person, I guess.”

Kanye West and Julia Fox Share Passionate Kiss in Paris – Billboard

I’m not sure about this one, y’all. On the other hand, I take that back. I can kind of see where this is going, although I don’t like to throw salt on other people’s relationships.

This one doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well. Fox and Kanye are dating during his messy divorce. Technically, the man is still married.

Kanye has too many issues to be in a committed romantic relationship right now. This man is a ticking time bomb and he’s going to eventually blow up in the new girlfriend’s face.

I don’t care what anyone say, Kanye needs to come with a “Fragile, handle with care” sticker stamped on his forehead, along with a “Hazardous Material” tag around his neck.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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