Julia Fox Steps Out With Ex After Kanye Crashes Daughter’s Party

With paparazzi in full effect, Julia Fox, also known as Kanye’s new girlfriend, stepped out on the NYC streets with her ex, Peter Artemiev, to celebrate her son, Valentino’s, 1st birthday.

This comes right after reports of Kanye West crashing his daughter, Chicago’s birthday party over the weekend. Yeah, the party that Kim did not allow him to know the whereabouts of. Kanye ended up getting the location from Kylie’s man, Travis, and showed up in true Kanye fashion.

After leaving the party, Kanye went on an all- our rant that he posted on social media, talking about how he’s not going to allow his kids to be kept from him and blah, blah, blah.

Now, back to Ms. Fox and her ex. After spending time with her ex, she went off on a different type of tangent. She was basically raining down praises on her baby daddy. Fox even took to her podcast to apologize for how she talked trash about him over the holidays, calling him a deadbeat alcoholic. She even admitted that she was mostly upset because he didn’t want to spend time with her, and only wanted to see their son.

It looks like trouble may be brewing over there in Kanye-Fox Land. Like we didn’t see something like this coming a mile away. Clearly Fox is just being used as a rebound and as a way to make Kim jealous. As soon as Ye realizes that his new girl is not phasing Ms. Kimberly, he’ll be on to his next bag of tricks.

Whew, child, it has to be an exhausting lifestyle.

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Written by LaToya Anitri


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