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Netflix’s Raising Dion, which is executive produced by Michael B. Jordan, has finally made its way back to streaming after being gone for a couple of years, due to the pandemic halting production and filming of the superhero series.

Raising Dion Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, More

In Season 2 of Raising Dion, which stars Ja’Saiah Young (Dion), Alisha Wainwright (Nicole/Dion’s Mom), Sammi Haney (Esperanza/Dion’s best friend), and Jason Ritter (Pat/The Crooked Man), it shows us that Dion, who’s 10 now, has gained more control of his powers and now calls himself The Mind Mover.

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But, there’s a new antagonist on the move in Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulker) who is now consumed by the Crooked Man energy that was released from Pat back at the end of Season 1.

Now, that energy is on a mission to find and destroy Dion and everyone that he loves.

Dion has grown up a little and is now able to successfully teleport and literally control objects with his mind, which brings a whole new meaning to mind over matter. He’s also set up his own personal dream team, which includes his two best friends, Esperanza and Jonathan, who works as Dion’s dispatch when he is out secretly protecting the neighborhood, without Nicole’s knowledge. Or, so he thinks.

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Speaking of Dion’s mother, Nicole, she is working closely with the Biona Lab, which has instituted a training facility for powered kids to help them hone their special abilities. She’s also taken a liking to Dion’s new trainer, Tevin (Rome Flynn), who seems like he could be a nice guy, but definitely has an air of mystery surrounding him.

In the meantime, Biona has located these sinkholes all around the world that are related to where the Crooked Man attacks have been happening; but the primary one that the lab is focused on is the one right behind Dion’s school. That thing is brimming with these lightning bug-like green spores that can penetrate humans and turn them into these plant like zombies that is controlled by the Crooked Man energy.

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Brayden, on the hunt for Dion, makes his way to Atlanta, summons the spores to generate an evil army, enrolls in his school, and attempts to befriend the superhero-in-the-making. Esperanza and Jonathan aren’t feeling him at all.

Not only is Brayden lurking around, but a powerless Pat shows up at the Biona lab and Nicole flips when she finds out that Pat is still alive. Suzanne (Ali Ahn) does not hesitate to lock him in the lab and throw away the key.

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Nicole makes the decision to go down into the sinkhole to poke around and ends up getting poked by the green spores, that will turn her into one of those plant zombies.

Of course, Nicole runs to Biona and Suzanne, and keeps her spore illness from Dion. Instead she sends him off to a cabin in the woods with her sister, Kat (Jazmyn Simon) and Tevin, in an attempt to protect him.

Watch 'Raising Dion' Season 2 Trailer, Release Date - Netflix Tudum

But, Dion finds himself in more danger when Brayden shows up with his dark energy and tries to mind manipulate Tevin into killing Dion. Tevin is strong enough to fight off the mind manipulation.

Once the dark energy plans fail, Brayden gets into Pat’s head and confronts him about the dark force and about killing his father. He also lets Pat know that he knows that he stills wants to be consumed by the dark energy. Of course Pat denies that and tells him that he’s wrong.

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Suzanne allows Pat to help create a cure for the green spores that they can use to help cure Nicole, but he fails. Then, Janelle, a powered teen, who’s been having trouble controlling her powers, intervenes and comes up with a solution. But, although her cure somewhat works, it’s too powerful for a human body and is basically a death sentence.

Nicole determines that she’s doomed at this point, but still decides to take the vaccination in small doses, to prevent her from turning into the plant-like zombie, but will still cause her to die in a short amount of time.

Raising Dion': New and Old Threats Loom in Season 2 First Look (PHOTOS)

Nicole, who’s time is winding down and she only has a day or two to live, decides to take the time she has left to spend with Dion, teaching him how to cook his favorite pancakes, and attending his play. But, things get crazy during the play. Brayden and his Crooked Man energy call Dion to the schoolyard for an epic battle. Brayden brings his zombie army and Dion brings his mom and Tevin.

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They’re kicking butts and taking names. But, the army gets to be too many for them to handle. Janelle, who possesses some major power comes in and saves the day. Her move gives Dion a chance to corner Brayden to urge him to fight to come from under the dark force. Once Brayden releases the energy, the Crooked Man finds another host in guess who? Yes, Pat. Now, Pat is full-on evil again and even tries to kill Suzanne and Kat at the lab.

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Dion, in his bravery, grabs Nicole’s last vaccine and teleports down into the sinkhole and plunges the syringe right into the root of the tree. This allowed the sinkhole to blow sky high, but also turned the zombie army back human.

Yes, Dion, has saved the day and saved his mother.

With Pat returning to villain status, and what transpired in the middle of the end credits, they are definitely setting us up for a season 3.

Overall, this season of Raising Dion, was a solid 3 out of 5.

Raising Dion Season 2 Ending Explained

Although I love the super kids and all, the reasoning behind that score is because I feel that a few of the main characters could really tighten up on their acting chops. I’m all about, ‘make me believe that you’re this character.’ If an actor fails to do that, he or she kind of loses me along the way.

I would have to say the best performances were given by Sammi Haney, Jason Ritter, and Griffin Robert Faulker, hands down.

Also, the first four episodes didn’t grab me like I expected them to; it was actually kind of slow.

But, they made up for it in the second half with the action sequences, along with the special effects.

There’s no doubt that I’ll continue to watch this show, especially after what transpired at the very end. It’s going to be interesting to see where the creators take it from here.

I just hope that I don’t have to wait another two years.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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