Junkie Xperience Podcast: Wicked Women, West’s DIVORCE Woes, and Where’s Wendy

Welcome to Junkie Xperience Podcast Episode #29: Wicked Women, West’s DIVORCE Woes, and Where’s Wendy! We serve your addiction for all things entertainment…and then some! We’re always hittin’ you with the hot topics, movie reviews, music reviews, TV shows, and much more! LISTEN WHEREVER YOU GET YOUR PODCASTS!

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Junkie Entertainment News:

Drake Files Lawsuit Against Crazed Stalker

Is Daniel Kaluuya’s Career In Trouble?

Wendy William’s Ex Files Lawsuit Against Debmar-Mercury

Where’s Wendy Williams?

Cardi B Files Injunction Against Tasha K and Wants Her Banned

Kanye Wants Us To Know How DIVORCE Makes Him Feel

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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