L’il Nas X’s Father Defends Him From Allegations Of Abandoning Mother

After a recent fan-made video went viral of a woman, allegedly identified as L’il Nas X’s mother, standing on the corner of a street in Atlanta, holding a sign, asking for food, the rapper has come under fire for abandoning his mother and allowing her to beg on the streets.

The guy who was filming the woman, pulled up and asked her if she was L’il Nas X’s mom. Due to the loud music blaring through the speakers, the woman’s response was not audible. After that, the driver went on to say, “that’s f**ked up”, then drove away. Check out the IG post from The Neighborhood Talk below:

In previous interviews, L’il Nas X has admitted that his mother suffers from addiction and that they didn’t have the closest relationship. But, he expressed that he loved her and that he has attempted to get her help multiple times.

Unfortunately, addiction is a horrific affliction to bear and to beat.

As people on social media commented on how L’il Nas X could allow his mother to live in extreme poverty like that, while he’s out promoting a song and “Satan” sneakers, his father, Robert Stafford, recently came to his defense.

In an Instagram post that showed L’il Nas X embracing both his parents, Stafford’s caption read: “Despite what people say @lilnasx is the greatest kid a parent can be BLESSED with. Although his mom is in a struggle with an addiction she’s STILL a QUEEN and he goes through great lengths to make sure we’re taking care of.”

Although, I have never dealt with a parent or close family member who suffered from addiction, other than my drunk step-uncle, who would bang on the door in the middle of the night and wake up the family, asking for someone to make a sandwich, I understand that it could be just as challenging for the person on the receiving end.

In my case, I noticed that plenty of family members tried to get my alcoholic uncle help. Whether it was in the form of just talking to him, letting him know how valuable his life was, or having him admitted into a hospital that could help him with his addiction. I remember that he would stay clean for around a month and he would fall right back off the wagon.

Eventually, his addiction destroyed his liver and ended his life.

Therefore, I can imagine that it is extremely difficult, dealing with a loved one that’s suffering from substance abuse.

Before we jump the gun and start judging L’il Nas X, we may want to get the full story first.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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