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Lizzo Promotes Self-Love by Getting Naked for the ‘Gram

Superstar singer Lizzo is no stranger to wearing next to nothing in her social media posts.

Lizzo Goes Nude In New Photo For Dove Self Esteem Project - 8O8wave

But, most recently, she decided to go all the way and give her fans and her foes a sneak peek to her, seemingly, fully nude body in a recent Instagram post.

Lizzo’s beautiful, caramel-chocolate skin glistened, while she sang “if you love me, you love all of me, or none me at all.” It’s unclear whether this is some upcoming music from the pop sensation, or whether this was just recorded specifically for this moment.

Lizzo has been transparent in revealing that she has gained some weight over the last year. She is adamant about working out; and from the looks of her Tiktok, she remains pretty active. She has always stressed the fact that she works out mainly for her health, and not to look a certain way to fit a certain aesthetic.

Her performances prove that she’s doing something right. There aren’t many who can match her stamina on stage.

Also, personally, I need to know her skin routine, because the skin was glistening and glowing all over the place, with ‘0’ blemishes.

Lizzo is unapologetically bold, and we respect that to the fullest. But, I’m ready for her to hop of social media and give us that album.

When’s the album coming, girl?

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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