Molly’s Still Working My Nerves- Insecure S4 Episode 1- Junkie Review


Issa Rae and the crew have finally made it back to grace our screens with the latest season of the HBO hit series, Insecure.

It’s been damn near two years since last season’s finale, in which we witnessed Issa Dee (Issa Rae) on the mend, recovering from fuckboy-itis, and realizing that it was high time that she got her shit together.

As I crank up the HBOGo for Season 4 Episode 1, “Low Key Feeling Myself“, I immediately pick up on the fact that Issa’s and Molly’s (Yvonne Orji)  friendship seems to be on the rocks, since Issa’s having a conversation with an unknown person and pointedly states that she doesn’t fuck with Molly like that anymore.

Shortly after this little quick piece of drama peaks my attention,  I’m instantly catapulted 4 months back in time to see where it all started and pretty much pick up where we left off in Season 3.

Issa’s running around with Condola (Christina Elmore), the bad bitch PR boss, who she met last season and who’s also–unbeknownst to Issa–is dating Issa’s ex boo, Lawrence (Jay Ellis). But, we ain’t here to gossip. Psych! Yes, we are. Anyway, while Condola is helping Issa plan and find sponsorship for her upcoming block party it’s pretty obvious that these two are developing a fast friendship. Although, there’s one catch. Issa has no idea that the new bestie is laying it low and spreading it wide for Lawrence.  But, have no fear! Pregnant Tiffany (Amanda Seales) is here! Damn, she hasn’t had that baby yet??

Tiffany lets the cat out of the bag and Issa plays it cool, but you can practically see the wheels turning in her little awkward brain. Issa begins to have weird daydreams of Condola and Lawrence having wild sex all around Tiffany’s house during the baby shower. Yep, our girl is trippin’, per usual.

Issa finally gets a grip and makes a firm decision that she’s not going to let it get to her and moves forward with the mixer that she and Condola has been planning to help her get some donations for the block party.

But, oh wait, while Condola and Lawrence are doing their thing, we find out that Issa has found her a little– or should I say, a little extra thick–piece in the form of a TSA guard aka TSA Bae, played by comedian Reggie Conquest. At the first sight of his chunky buns up in the air, humping and pumping, I quickly assume he’s one of those lazy 2-minute brothers. Oh no, honey. He doesn’t stop until Issa gets enough! Yes, God!

Now that we see what Issa’s been up to, Molly re-introduces herself to the mix.

It appears that Molly and Andrew aka “Asian Bae” (Alexander Hodge) hang out on the regular. Andrew has a new hair cut, looks fine as hell, and wines and dines his new girl. Good job on bagging that one, Molly!

Just when we think things are popping in Molly-verse, she, along with her wild insecurities, lights the shit on fire.  And, not in a good way, either. Click To TweetThis woman and healthy romantic relationships are like oil and water. They don’t play well together.

It’s obvious that Molly’s feeling the hell out of Andrew, but as soon as he doesn’t say everything the way that she wants him to say it, or behave the way she wants him to behave, it becomes an instant problem and she gives him that old Molly cold shoulder. Get it together, honey! You’re playing yourself! Big time!

They show up at Issa’s fundraising mixer and Molly plays an Oscar-worthy performance of the Bitter Ice Queen. As soon as they enter the party, the first thing Molly does is detach herself from Andrew, leaving him to mingle with people he doesn’t know at HER friend’s gathering. Then, as Issa, in all her uncouthness, tries to work the room to find folks willing to invest in her new project, here comes Molly, wanting to have a heart-to-heart discussion about her man problems. Issa clearly doesn’t have time for this type of conversation at this particular time and retreats from Molly’s self-inflicted relationship-in-shambles discussion and continues to work the room as best as she can.

After spending most of the night stumbling over her words, realizing that she was swiftly losing the attention of potential financiers, Issa gathers her courage and finally explains her vision of the block party and the successful impact she thinks it would have on the community. Jackpot! Issa finally makes a sale!

As the party comes to a close, Molly, still at odds with Andrew, sends the man home in a Lyft, while she stays to help Issa clean. Andrew, quietly, goes on about his business, which irritates Molly that much more. Then, she goes on to congratulate Issa in one breath, while criticizing her working relationship with Condola in the next breath, by accusing Issa of being cool with the messiness of Condola’s and Lawrence’s relationship.

But, no, Issa didn’t trip. She just takes the trash to the bin and gives her friend a little taste of her own medicine— straight Ice Queen vibes.

It appears that the besties have some problems they need to talk through. In my opinion, Molly’s the extra needy type. (Like we didn’t know this already from past seasons.) It’s either Molly’s way or the highway.  And on top of that, she’s obviously jealous of Issa getting a little too close with Condola. Or, is she jealous that Issa’s event just might be a hit? Mmm.

Now, back to Issa. Does she think that this newfound friendship with Condola is really going to last? I mean, she’s sleeping with her fine ass ex for God’s sakes.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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