Rapper Kodak Black Thinks He Can Defeat Jay Z In a VERZUZ Battle

Troubled rapper Kodak Black took to Twitter late last night to challenge hip-hop legend Jay Z to a battle. A VERZUZ battle.

The Florida rapper actually made a weird wager. He basically said that if he loses, Jay would get fifteen-percent of his catalog. (What’s fifteen-percent of garbage, one may ask?) On the flip side, he said that if he wins, Jay should make him the Vice President of Roc Nation. Good luck with that, sir!

Honestly, I can’t name or hum one Kodak Black song and I consider myself to be very in tune with what’s going on with the youngins.

This has to be a serious case of trolling. Because how can this dude seriously think that he could go up against one of the goats of the industry? Jay Z, hip-hop-legend-turned-business-mogul would mop the floor with this guy. I’d bet a dollar to a penny on that.

If Jay heard about this, I imagine he got a good chuckle out of that one.

So, let’s take it a step further. Kodak Black can’t keep his ass out of jail long enough to get into the studio to make some halfway decent music.

After he typed that nonsense, Black definitely had the Twitter streets in an uproar; and I’m sure that’s what he wanted to accomplish.

This dude is a joke and a weirdo. He would get straight up embarrassed just with tracks from Reasonable Doubt, alone. We don’t even have to bring in The Black Album.

I don’t know why anyone would entertain this garbage because it would never happen in this lifetime.

The only VERZUZ battle that Jay would have some adequate competition, would be him against either Big or Pac. God Bless the GOATS. And that’s that on that.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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