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Rapper L’il Boosie Banned From Instagram After Slapping A Man

They watching you, boy!

Controversial rapper L’il Boosie was recently banned from Instagram after he uploaded a video, showing him slapping a man who had approached him and started talking trash.

Apparently, the 38 year-old Louisiana native rapper was shooting a video with Da Baby for their collaboration, “Period”,  in North Carolina, and during a convenience store scene, Boosie hauled off and seemingly slapped the taste out of the unknown man’s mouth. I know this man’s soul left his body for a few seconds.

Nearly a week ago, Boosie posted on his Instagram page that he would pay $554 to a person who would let him slap them on camera.

Boosie declared, “I got $554 dollars,” (dramatic pause) “ [For] Whoever let me slap the f*** out them [on the “Period” video].”

“I need 3 smacks cross yo s*** for the video for good camera angles #pleasehelpmeout DM me if u trying to get the 554,” the caption of the video read.

Boosie went on to explain how the scene will be shot, saying that the slap must be real.

“I want to come on that b****, n**** playing with me, I’m just going to bat him. BOP! But it got to be real though,” Boosie told his followers.

But, now Instagram has turned around and slapped Boosie. Yep, slapped him with another ban from the social media site. Last year Boosie lost his main IG page, which had over 9 million followers, for exploiting nude women in his live streams. Now, his current page, with over 1 million followers has disappeared, due to a wildly distasteful stunt.

Was it all worth it in the end?

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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