Rare Photo of Rap Legend 2Pac Being Auctioned Off As NFT

A special photo of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is being auctioned off as an NFT (non-fungible token), with a starting bid of $1 Million.

The photo, from August of 1996, was snapped a couple of weeks before the rapper’s untimely death, when he was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip.

Music producer Delray Richardson, while hanging out at a friend’s house back in 2017, came across the negative of the photo that was taken over 20 years ago. During the time of the photo, Richardson, while showing some friends around Los Angeles, spotted the rapper pull up to a stop light and they asked for a picture. Due to the heavy traffic volume, Tupac was unable to exit his 1996 Hummer and Richardson’s friend ran over to get a picture of him from the driver’s side of his vehicle. Apparently, Richardson’s friend asked Tupac how many times he’d been shot, previously, and he held up five fingers, and she snapped the picture.

Check out the full backstory and see one of the final pictures of Tupac Shakur, hanging out and enjoying life in Richardson’s Instagram post.


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Written by LaToya Anitri


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