Saweetie’s “Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1”: The Junkie Review

Self-proclaimed (also co-signed by others) pretty girl rapper, Saweetie, surprisingly, dropped her latest EP, Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1.

The 7-track project is the precursor to her upcoming album, Pretty B… Music, which is supposed to be available sometime later this year.

Anyway, I consider myself a Saweetie fan. I can’t deny that she makes some good bops that gets me moving through my stair master workouts, when I’m in the mood for “hot girl” music. She has a solidified spot in my Cardi, Megan, City Girls, and Lizzo playlist.

That’s why I was excited for this little 18-minute and 49-second project; I wanted to see what Ms. Saweetie was giving the girls…and the boys.

The EP opens with Risky (featuring Drakeo the Ruler), produced by Dirty Sosa. With this track I feel like Saweetie showed up and provided us with a cute little bop. The tune is catchy and her flow was cool. Unfortunately, I was not here for the Drakeo cat. He wasn’t ruling anything on this track. As soon as he started spitting (if that’s what we want to call it), I was like, who is this dude and why is he here. He did absolutely nothing to compliment her flow and he certainly didn’t ride the beat. He was all over the place. I really hope that she’s NEVER planning on doing anything else with him. Return to sender please.

Next up we have Mama Coochie (featuring BbyAfricka), again, produced by Dirty Sosa. This one was pretty forgettable from the beat to the lyrics. We won’t be bumping this in the ride, this summer.

Now we’re moving on to Seesaw (featuring Kendra Jae), produced by Th3ory. This sounds like an anthem to the girls dealing with f-boys and ready to move on with their lives. This may be the final pages to Saweetie’s break-up letter to Quavo. Seesaw describes a young woman in a tumultuous relationship with her love and she’s sick of the constant highs and lows. Kendra Jae’s sweet voice on the hook, where she croons, up-down/up-down/up-down/seeee saw is pretty catchy and compliments what Saweetie’s lyrics were conveying.

Up next, there is Pretty & Rich, produced by T Nyce. If Saweetie was not giving us a Megan Thee Stallion flow from start to finish, then there’s nothing else to say. And there is plenty to say. T Nyce who has produced for artists like YG, Ella Mai, and Torey Lanez, seemed like he was trying to channel Megan through Saweetie on this one. I’m not going to lie, when I saw the title, I was ready. I was like, ‘yeah, this about the be a major win right here.’ But, instead it was lackluster. The consistent chant of “Pretty brown swag”, a take on Souljah Boy’s Pretty Boy Swag,  didn’t really move me. And I’m a real Black (brown) girl. I felt that it possibly needed a feature that would have gotten it over the hump. Needless to say, I expected more, but never received.

As I reached the final leg of the EP, I arrive at Backseat (featuring Lourdiz), produced by Mike Crook, Ryan OG, and B Ham. This is the track where Saweetie, along with Lourdiz released the nastiness. It was super sexy, as it described backseat sex in vivid detail, leaving nothing to the imagination, as Lourdiz sang, you know I like it nasty/just slide over my panties.

Right before she wrapped it up, Saweetie gave us Talkin’ Bout with Loui, produced by BigBroLGND. Let me just say, when Saweetie picked up the mic, I realized that this is the one that will have me twerking right on out of the shower. The girl’s flow was on point. This is where she stopped playing and started showcasing her true skill. Of course the lyrics were braggy as usual, but that’s what we have come to expect from the pretty-girl rapper. I’m curious to know if she can deliver this live on stage. If so, I would buy a ticket. Now, on the other hand, I have to touch on this Loui guy. I tried to find some other stuff that he did, but I couldn’t pull him like that.  Basically, he did not stand out to me at all. He sounded like the rest of these cookie-cutter, mumble lyrics rappers out today. His delivery was bland and he failed to bring anything to the track.

Finally, we get to exit the EP with Sweat Check, produced by Business Boi. This is a dance track for sure. Saweetie continued to brag about her prettiness over a 90s-style beat. It reminded me of that My Boo track by Ghost Town DJs from 1996. It was cool, but not her best, by far. It was nice to hear the nostalgia on this one, but it could’ve used a little extra seasoning.

It’ll be interesting to see which one of these songs will catch on. Are any of them pretty-girl-summer ready? We’ll see.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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