Superman & Lois: “Man of Steel”- The Junkie Recap and Review

In the last episode of CW‘s Superman & Lois, “Broken Trust”,  we see Jordan experience these splitting headaches, which are associated with his newly found super powers. At the end of the episode, Jordan began to have major convulsions, and Clark/Superman scooped him up and flew him to the fortress for answers.

Now, in the latest episode, “Man of Steel”, Jordan continues to deal with splitting headaches, associated with his super hearing. Clark and Lois decide that Jordan needs to stay away from school until he is able to conquer his issue, by learning how to control his powers.

Lana, who was recently hired by Edge, has started to work with Lois and dig up some dirt on Edge to figure out what he has up his sleeve.

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We also find out that Edge’s little blonde meta pit bull, isn’t dead after Marcus Bridgewater zapped her and left her out cold down in the mines. Yep, she’s still taking orders from Edge and trying to satisfy his destructive appetite at every turn.

Meanwhile, Lois is still trying to figure out who Marcus Bridgewater really is and she wastes no time in confronting him.

In Marcus’ flashback, we get to see that he and Lois were happily married with a teenage daughter on, what appears to be another earth, multiverse, whatever we want to call it.  All I know is that this is getting interesting.

We find out that Superman was a destructive being in the other universe.

Back on this earth, the good Clark/Superman tries to help Jordan control his superhearing without seizing out. Jordan can’t handle it. It’s too much for him. So, he throws on his noise-canceling headphones and retreats to his bedroom.

Marcus propositions Lois so that he can meet Superman. Lois needs more answers before she will attempt to make that meeting happen.

Marcus tries to convince Lois that Edge is working on building a meta-army. But, Lois is not buying it right now.

Over at Edge’s corporation, he has tasked Lana with heading up and recruiting individuals for a leadership program. What is he up to now?

Clark and Lois suspect that Marcus must be closely connected to Lex Luthor in some way. I think that he mentioned to Lois a couple of episodes back that he’d worked for Luthorcorp at some point. They assume that Marcus may be tied to Luthor in another one of the multiverses. Clark/Superman breaks into Marcus’s trailer to attempt to get some answers.

After pulling out all the stops to track down the yellow kryptonite that Edge was having transported to an undisclosed location, Marcus finally convinces Lois to set up a meeting with Superman. But, why does he want this meeting so badly?

We see more flashbacks of Marcus and Lois in his home universe, and we finally realize why he needs and want to get next to Superman. I really love the way the showrunners are telling this story. The flashbacks are done superbly, in my opinion. I have to say that I’m definitely invested in where this is going. And I hope that we get the chance to delve deeper into this story of Marcus and Lois.

Jordan finally gets a handle on his super-hearing for a minute. It takes him focusing on a picture of Sarah to do it. Once he concentrates on her picture, he can hear her voice and her conversation with his brother Jonathan. Jonathan and Sarah appear to be getting close. And, oh boy, Jordan was not pleased with what he heard. So much so, that he punched a hole straight through his bedroom wall.

Marcus has another flashback and we see him working closely with his and Lois’ daughter from, what I’m assuming is another earth. They’re building some type of Ironman-like suit. It has become evident that he is plotting to take down Superman for what happened to his Lois by the evil Superman who is a part of that universe.

Meanwhile, Jordan confronts Jonathan about the conversation between him and Sarah and they get into a shouting match. Well, Jonathan is the one who’s shouting. Jordan, who’s still dealing with the splitting headaches from the supersounds, recoils and Jonathan storms away from him, feeling victorious.

Lois finds out that Marcus is really a man by the name of John Henry Irons, who, according to her contact at the D.O.D., died about 6 years ago on this earth. So, is he Lex Luthor on the other earth? Questions. Questions.

Irons lures Clark/Superman to a garage in a secluded location. And once he gets there, Irons attacks. He starts wielding this freakishly powerful hammer, which allows him to kick Superman’s ass all over the place.

Jordan’s super-hearing hones in on Superman and Jordan realizes that his dad is in serious trouble. Jordan and Jonathan put their differences aside and jumps in Lois’ car, follow the sounds, and swoop in and save the day. Lois pulls up right after her sons get there and saves Irons from getting punched to his death by Clark/Superman.

They finally discover that Irons is The Stranger.

This was another good episode. Action-packed along with great storytelling.

I wonder if there is going to be something with Lois and The Stranger in the near future. Also, will their daughter travel to this earth to search for her father, who is now locked away, and waiting on General Lane’s interrogation.

I’m already ready for the next episode.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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