Tasha K Says That Money Is Not An Issue After Being Ordered To Pay Cardi B Nearly $4 Million

Last night (01/26) Tasha K (aka Latasha Kebe), wearing all white, took to her YouTube channel Unwine with Tasha K, to release, what she called, her one an only statement about the defamation trial between her and Cardi B. In her 12:20 statement she had some interesting things to say. We’ll get to my thoughts about the statement in a minute. Check out the video below:

Tasha K on Unwine with Tasha K releases statement on the Cardi B defamation trial, Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Just to catch everyone up. Tasha K lost the defamation suit brought against her by rapper Cardi B for knowingly spreading malicious lies on her channel, stating that Cardi carried an STD and was an avid drug user. Last Friday (01/21) the judge ordered Tasha K to take down any videos that made mention of the rapper. Plus, she was hit with an order to pay Cardi B $1.25 million.

It wasn’t over from there. Some reporters on the scene, such as The Lead Attorney, Choke No Joke, and Dennis Byron, who were all there to show their support for Cardi B, stated that the judgement wasn’t over at that time and that Tasha K was going to have to fork over some more money before it was all over. And they didn’t lie.

On Monday (01/24) the judge continued to pile on to Tasha K’s already hefty loss. The final order from the judge stated that Tasha K would have to come up off a total of $3.88 million for the damages, that included pain and suffering for Cardi B.

When I tell you, the Tasha K haters were dancing in the streets when they heard the final verdict. I tuned in to The Lead Attorney’s YouTube channel after that last order from the judge was released, and he had a smile so wide on his face, I thought he was getting pleasured under his desk.

It was wild.

Now, Tasha K has released her statement to express her feelings about how Cardi B won the case due to machine that is the music industry that supports the vile entertainment that the star showcases to the world.

She went on to say that she, herself, will not be stopped. She will continue her Unwine with Tasha K platform.

She also expressed that her $4 million loss was not going to hurt her business or her way of life. She stated that she and her husband, Chet, along with her legal team were always prepared for the worse outcome. Tasha K even called out some fundraising sites that was using her name to raise money. She said that she has not, and will not, use any fundraising sites, such as GoFundMe to raise money. She warned her fans not to donate to those sites because it was all a scam. She stated that she doesn’t need anyone to raise any money for herself or her brand; she was financially secure.

She ended the live stream, which garnered nearly 30,000 live viewers, and currently sits at over 300,000 views, by saying that she will be back on her channel this Friday night to deliver another episode of her popular celebrity news segment, Phuckery Friday.

I guess it’s like the saying goes: One monkey don’t stop no show.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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