Wells Fargo Slapped With Restraining Order For Barring Wendy Williams From Bank Accounts

Talk show personality Wendy Williams is really going through it.

Earlier this week, we learned that FOX has plans of bringing in Sherri Shepherd as the permanent host of The Wendy Williams Show.

Now, Wells Fargo seems to be blocking Williams from accessing her bank accounts, claiming that she is too unstable to make sound financial decisions.

According to recent reports, the bank that Williams has entrusted with her funds over the years has frozen her accounts. A representative from Wells Fargo says that Williams will need “guardianship to oversee her financial affairs”. She is being described as being “incapacitated”.

But, where is Wells Fargo receiving all this information to make these claims?

Apparently, Williams’ former financial advisor, Lori Schilling, has been advising Wells Fargo on Williams’ mental state and on how they should move forward with handling the situation.

Celeste Nakia McCaw

Wendy’s attorney, Celeste McCaw, filed an emergency petition against the bank, claiming that Wells Fargo has denied Wendy access to her accounts for over two weeks.

Shortly after that, Wells Fargo took their issue to the New York Supreme Court to demand that Williams be appointed either temporary or permanent guardianship to allow access to the funds.

“We are concerned about [Williams’] situation. It is our hope that the Guardianship Part [of the court] will imminently appoint a temporary guardian or evaluator. To review the situation and ensure that [Williams’] affairs are being properly handled,” says David H. Pikus, an attorney for the bank.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another concerning Ms. Williams. Hopefully, she can get the help that she needs.

It’s really sad to see Wendy Williams go down this rough and rocky road at this stage of her life.

What do you think?

Written by LaToya Anitri


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